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Trampas de Hidrocarburo, Aceite y Arena


Oil Reserve™ Oil/Sand Separators incorporate patented Diffusion Flow™ technology to maximize oil and sand separation. Petroleum based oils are typically lighter than water and will quickly rise to the surface by gravity differential separation according to Stokes' Law.


Common Specific Gravities

The following chart is provided for reference only. Specific gravities less than 1 float while those greater than 1 sink.


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Separadores de aceite y arena.


With a standard lifetime warranty and several innovative installation features, the Oil Reserve™ stands alone as the most versatile oil/sand separator series.


Las tapas se proporcionan con un sello de junta hermético al agua/aire y están diseñadas para ajustarse firmemente en un armazón de ajuste clave.




Clean Sweep™ Coalescing Media (optional)


When oily wastewater is mechanically emulsified (as in pump applications), oils break into smaller, less buoyant droplets and decrease separator efficiency. Coalescing media provides increased surface area for emulsified oil droplets to merge into larger, more buoyant droplets, greatly improving separator efficiency.


Specify Clean Sweep™ coalescing media with select Oil Reserve™ Series models (OS-35, OS-50, OS-75, OS-100) to significantly improve the separation of mechanically emulsified oils.


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oil reserve oil sand separators sin marcos

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